Bayonetta's Bitch Boy

Story 1: Double Team
  • Story 1: Double Team
  • Story 2: Cereza's Curious Kink
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James awoke to the sound of a dead bolt turning and a dull ache in his ass. He rolled slowly onto his side and his nostrils were assaulted by the usual smells: rubber, latex and cum. Having a water bed to sleep on was a nice luxury, and one of the few he had, but while you could wash the comforter, the rubber mattress and rubber sheets were there to stay. After the seemingly endless fuck fests he’d had with Mistress Bayonetta, he was pretty sure the rubber bed would smell like cum, sweat and ass until the day it was dropped in a landfill. That’s the way she wanted it though. She liked putting him (and keeping him) in the most disgusting predicaments possible. James was pretty sure she got off on it.

The authoritative clacking of high heeled boots announced Bayonetta’s entrance into the dim studio apartment. She walked into the main room, set some things on the floor and moved to one of the windows. James’ vision had just started to adjust to the room when she whipped open the shade and the sun came pouring in, blinding him.

“Wakey wakey my succulent little slut! We have a busy afternoon planned.” She then opened the window to let in some fresh air and turned to face him.

‘As long as this “busy afternoon” starts with her removing this colossal butt plug from my ass, I’ll be a happy man’ James thought to himself.

He slowly crept his way to the edge of the water bed. The full body latex bondage suit, a fact of his life since he came into Bayonetta’s possession, slowed and hindered his movements as usual. The formidable anal intruder certainly wasn’t helping either. Finally he reached the edge and prostrated himself before his mistress.

“Good morning Mistress Bayonetta.”

She looked at him quizzically for a moment before saying “Don’t you think that’s getting a little stale? Address me differently, and as long as I’m pleased you will not be punished.”

Without hesitation he bowed again and said “Good morning my Queen.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Goddess would have been better, but I suppose that will suffice. And it’s already past noon by the way.” She then flicked on the light to the main room and began taking off the long, black trench coat she was wearing.

As she placed the garment on the coat rack in the corner, James took in the glorious view of the rather unusual woman who had captured his body and possibly his heart as well. Her dark hair was up, as usual, and she was never without her black rimmed glasses. Whether she needed them to read or not, James didn’t know, but they certainly were the distinguishing feature that completed her “amazon librarian from hell” image.

Unsurprisingly, she was wearing one of the many iterations of her Bayonetta costume. They all had subtle differences but always the same central features. Black leather covered most of her body from her shapely shoulders down past her wonderfully wide hips and ending where her powerful legs entered her thigh high leather boots. There was always a circular cut out in the front of her outfit between her neck and her breasts showing off an ample amount of her H cup cleavage and sporting a pendant or emblem of some sort on the left side of the circle.

The most prominent opening in her suit was the one which allowed her third leg to hang confidently between her thighs. Bayonetta had the biggest, thickest cock he’d seen anywhere, including the many nights he’d spent cruising the internet for porn. Even soft as it was at the moment, it dropped a strong 11-12 inches down and was an imposing 6 inches in circumference. Just behind that beast her giant ball sack hung like a pair of fresh grapefruits. The entire package was completely hairless and gleamed with a thin layer of heat and perspiration. She looked like she could be your greatest fantasy or your worst nightmare come true, depending on your kinks and what mood she was in.

She noticed James was staring at her, smiled, and began stroking her fat python up and down. “Yeah, this is all you thought about while I was gone yesterday, isn’t it? Can’t get enough can you? Well, that’s why we’re a perfect pair. I needed a cum dumpster and you became one without much protest. That’s how I knew you were a keeper!”

She began fisting her cock slightly faster. “Did I ever tell you about the string of guys I tried on for size before I found you? Bunch of wimps, all of them… none of them could handle me. Actually, that story can wait for another time. That just reminded me that I have a treat for you!” She dropped her half-erect member and reached down into one of the bags she had brought.

There was a suitcase, a shopping bag and what looked like a standard one gallon can of paint on the floor. ‘Paint? Was she planning to redo a room?’

Bayonetta found whatever it was she was looking for and enthusiastically yanked it out of the bag. “Ta da!” she exclaimed. She was holding a white, plastic dog dish with the name “James” printed on the side in gold lettering. “And that’s not all!” she announced, “Since you’re going to be getting a real workout today, you need to keep your energy up. I’m going to get you some crackers.”

His eyes widened with excitement. ‘Solid food?!?’

Bayonetta walked to the kitchen and James could hear her opening and closing various boxes and pouring crackers into the dish. As she walked back with the meal he was already bowing before her.

“Thank you so much Mistress!”

“Ah ah, not so fast!” she admonished, waving a finger before him and setting the dish on the chair next to her. “This is hardly a complete breakfast. You need your protein! Now come over here and help Mama prepare your meal.”

As quickly as he could he slipped off the bed and began crawling to her. The chain attaching his collar to the bedside rattled the entire way. She grinned and placed her hands on her hips as James assumed the proper position. Then, he almost made a mistake. Rising on his knees, he was about to take hold of her delicious thighs when

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Written by James Bondage
Uploaded November 30, 2020
Notes A dark and mysterious woman has an insatiable sexual appetite and a large surprise in her pants. A (fortunate?) young man becomes her latest obsession and prolific debauchery ensues.
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