Like Tears In Cum

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The loud banging on the bathroom door announced that Mistress was growing impatient.

“Hurry up 285! It's been a long day and I need to nut!”

Two eighty five. Yes, that was his name now. He used to have a real name. A male name. He used to have a male face and body as well. No longer.

It started with a 'J', didn't it? Jerry? Jacob? John? John! That sounded right.

'Yes, my name is John! But I must never say it out loud or Mistress will be furious.'

The hormone treatments and hypnotherapy that Blossom Industries forced him to undertake made it difficult to recall things. Every day it became a little harder to remember his real name and the details of his old life.

'I had a wife once, didn't I? Or was she just a girlfriend? I think I was... an architect?'


“Cmon slut! If I have to come in there, you're going to be sorry!”

“Yes Mistress! I'll be right out!”

John snapped out of his musings and finished his work. He'd been spot cleaning the pink latex bodysuit that had become his second skin. While Mistress was away at Blossom meetings and corporate events, he spent most of the day cleaning her home and performing whatever other tasks she demanded of him.

Inevitably, his bodysuit got dirty from doing chores; not to mention the cum stains from by his well hung Goddess. She'd made it clear that his attire was to be shiny and spotless every day when she returned, or he would be punished severely.

He inspected himself in the mirror, still in disbelief at what he'd become. His body took on more womanly curves every day. His old eyebrows and eyelashes had been replaced with the permanent makeup of a back alley whore. His lips had received two collagen injections to date, making them puff out spectacularly. 'The better to suck cock with' Mistress had said.

John couldn't remember the last time she'd let him out of the suit. It had been at least four or five days since she last let him bathe. The latex remained glued to his skin with sweat and the remnants of Mistress' cum. He went to sleep every night bathed in it.

Realizing he was taking too long, John quickly moved to the toilet, unzipped himself below and began relieving himself. His looked down between his latex clad breasts and observed his sad little cock as his bladder emptied.

His penis had been four inches when soft, once upon a time. Now it was only two. It had continued to shrivel and shrink as his breasts grew fuller by the day. Blossom Industries powerful treatments were on the cutting edge of forced transitioning. “Rehabilitation” as they called it.

John knew better than to keep his Mistress waiting. He flushed, zipped himself up, turned out the light and exited the bathroom. He made his way to the living room knowing just where she'd be. It was the same place she sat almost every day after returning from her duties.

Sure enough, there was Mistress Alexandra in all her curvy, mocha glory. She was seated in the middle of the plush leather sofa, her cock already out as she stroked it up and down hungrily. Mistress had discarded her leather top and leather pants. Only her shiny leather boots and gloves remained. She had traded the warm leather she'd sweated in all day for the sensual feeling of cool leather on her beautiful, bronze skin.

“On your knees” she ordered.

John obeyed at once and Mistress gestured at him with one finger to “come hither.”

As he shuffled forward on hands and knees, her fat, half-erect length of dark meat grew closer. John's stomach groaned with hunger and the Blossom conditioning kicked in.

'Cock! COCK! Yummy cock! YOU NEED COCK! Suck cock! SUCK IT DRY! You love cock! Only cum will slake your thirst! You need cum! SUCK HER COCK UNTIL SHE CUMS!'

John's mouth began watering and his breathing grew ragged as he knelt before her. It was all he could do not to lunge into her lap and swallow her length immediately, but he knew better than to act without Mistress' permission. He had done so before and been punished harshly.

Alexandra looked down at her latex clad captive; the former man that was slowly becoming a cock-craving bimbo. His eyes were full of longing, but traces of confusion and regret remained. The conditioning was working, but he needed more. More conditioning and much more training.

Nine weeks hadn't been enough to completely break this slut. Perhaps it would take another nine weeks. That would be fine with Alexandra. Being given her own personal cum dump to train had resulted in the best two months of her life. She never imagined she could be so sexually fulfilled before signing on with the company.

285 was her first special assignment as an officer at Blossom Industries, but he wouldn't be her last. When his training was complete, Alexandra would get a generous cut of whatever sum he was auctioned for.

“Get to work, slave.”

Alexandra reached back and stretched her arms across the top of the sofa as John dove into her crotch and slid his fat, pink lips down her meaty pole. He moaned with relief as he set his hands on the sides of her powerful thighs and began working his mouth up and down her delicious, dark phallus.

He sucked and slurped with such vigor that pockets of air escaped his lips periodically, providing a lovely symphony of suction that was music to Alexandra's ears. She wiggled her ample ass in the luscious leather, letting out a low moan as her cat suited bitch boy pressed his mouth all the way down to the base of her cock.

“Quite thirsty today, aren't you? I see you drank everything I left.”

Solid food was a rarity for John. Very occasionally, Mistress gave him dry cereal in a dog dish, but the vast majority of the time she kept him on a strict liquid diet. She left him a large batch of nutrition paste most days. It was a glue-like concoction that simulated the texture of fresh cum, but had all the essential vitamins, fats and proteins that a slave needed to survive.

He c

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Written by James Bondage
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Notes Men are enslaved and bimbofied in a future ruled by dominant Shemales.
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