Step Sister’s Helping Hand - Chapter 01 Sis Helps My Anxiety

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I didn’t know why I felt this way.

But when I try to hit on a girl, I freak out. My stomach tenses up into knots and my throat goes dry and raspy. Every time, without fail, when I see a girl I find attractive, it happens.

I’m 18 and I wouldn’t say I’m particularly ugly. I’m not a model or anything, but I get plenty of looks from girls around campus. I play a lot of sports and hope to jump into uni on a football scholarship.

But that damn vee card… I know it’s not a big deal, most guys are still virgins at my age. Well, if you consider 12% of guys. I read that somewhere.

The problem was, all my mates are testosterone filled males. Every one of them are in their prime, shagging girls left, right and center. I love the game, but sometimes the teasing can be infuriating.

I was about to leave college, after the last class of the day finished.

I rounded the corner and bumped into a lock of long, blonde hair.

Sophie Turner, one of the girls in my class. She was insanely cute and had one of the best rated rears in college. I had a crush on her for years, just admiring her from afar in classes we went to together.

“Hey Leo, how are you?”

“H-hi…” I stuttered.

The thing with my nerves, its like a self fulfilling prophecy. I get nervous, it makes my speech go all weird and then that makes me more nervous and then I end up in cold sweat or something.

“I just wanted to say that I watched you play on the field, I think you’re really talented. My family are big into footie.”

God, she smells nice, and her eyes were big and round and this is the bit I’m supposed to ask her for her number…

“T-thanks, I guess.”

That familiar churning in the pit of my stomach revved up like a sputtering engine.

“Say, do you fancy doing something sometime? Like grab something to eat or…”

Yeah, that’d be nice. Lots of talking, one on one interacts and me thinking about what I’m supposed to say next and then what? She’s gonna find out what a weirdo I am and go tell everyone and I’m going to get a reputation.

“I need to make sure the oven isn’t left on.”

Yeah, my brain goes stupid too.

“Oh, well, anytime I guess,” she said, her face a mask of confusion. She walked off and I knew I made an ass of myself. Note to self, rush out after class, do not let myself get ambushed.

I drove home in my beat up Vauxhall Corsa, blaring out some random dance compilation cds to drown out the anxiety bubbling in my gut. The car was a bit ugly, but it was a solid motor. If I ended up in a university away from home, I need to make sure the damn thing still runs.

I stuck the car onto the driveway and when I entered the house, it was quiet. The clock on the wall said a few minutes after 6pm. So Mum and Dad aren’t back yet and I can’t tell with Emma.

Emma was a few years older than me but unlike me, she got her shit together. She studies at a local university and as a result, stays at home to save on accomodations. Her lectures are sporadic and you never know when she’s home or not. She studies medicine so she’s a bit of a golden child as far as Mum and Dad were concerned. Not that I had problems in that regard, but while Ems was making the best use of her time, I was still kicking a football around and waiting for the next FIFA game to come out for my Xbox.

I headed upstairs for a shower. To make my day extra special, the heavens opened up and I was drenched on my way to the car.

I peeled off my wet rags and bundled them up, about to stick them in the laundry bin, until something caught my eye.

It was a dark red, lacey ball of fabric.

I gulped.

I picked them up and unfurled it. It was a pair of Emma’s knickers… I knew it was hers because it was bundled together in a pair of her jeans. Mum didn’t wear jeans.

I’m not a pervert, serious. But something triggered inside me right then.

Emma was the only girl that didn’t make me nervous. Okay, she is my sister but she was beautiful too. I’m a guy, you can’t help but appreciate a fine female body. She got a juicy curvy ass, gorgeous face with ever so slightly plump lips. Lips that promised to do wicked things if you let them. She got big boobs too, at least more than and handful. The lads liked to give me shit about how I got a hot sister and keep asking me to help them hook up with her.

As if I was going to whore my own step sister out like that.

But still… She was hot. In a refined and almost geeky way.

I licked my lips as I looked at the fabric in my hands. The gusset just had her dried on juices. I didn’t know what came over me. I mean, I wasn’t hurting anyone…

My hands shook, the thrill of doing something I wasn’t supposed to made my heart pound hard.

I put the thin material against my nose and inhaled.

Fucking hell.

A thick pungent aroma flooded my nose. It was a sweet feminine scent with just the slightest hint of sourness to it. Did the smell disgust me? Not at all.

In my nakedness, my cock lurched to life.

“Fuck,” I growled.

I just wanted to know what a girl smelled like…

I should put it down and go for a fucking shower.

My other hand gripped my cock, it was awkward because I usually use my right hand, but I didn’t want to let go of the panties…

I jerked off furiously. Not even porn made me this aroused.

“Emma,” I whispered to nobody. It felt like a dirty little secret, which only made it hotter.
I pounded hard, the urge to cum overwhelming me.

“Fucking hell Ems…”

I inhaled more, intoxicating myself with my own sister’s scent.

My cock swelled in my hand, and I had a second before the inevitable would happen.

I didn’t know why I did what I did. I pulled the panties down to my dick and with a growl, I ejaculated. I shot load after load of my pent up cum into Emma’s panties. A strange primative part of me aimed for the gusset, wanting my cum to coat over her stains. A dark thrill crawled up my spine as I indulged in a sick fantasy- picturing Emma walking around ca

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Written by Stasia Grey
Uploaded December 9, 2020
Notes Leo is an 18 yr old guy who has anxiety when it comes to girls, except for his step-sister Emma.

One day, he succumbs to temptation and jerks off to his step-sister's panties, only to be caught doing it!

Instead of ratting him out, Emma decides to take things into her own hands and help her step-brother out!
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