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The Adventures of Squishmore and Twitchy...Introducing Puddles Please excuse my hands baby. This hot water's sprayin'. Suds drippin' down all over your body. Just stand still and let me clean that pretty pussy real quick. Shit. Im ready to lay you down, but not before I get a chance to rub you down. Glide my hands over your silky body, soft breasts. Nipples already hard just achin'…beggin' to be sucked. Tryin' not to get distracted but I cant help but slide my hands over your ass. Finger runnin' all the way down your crack, slippin' between those cheeks to find that pretty pussy peekin' at me…so wet and soft. DAMN baby…we've been waitin' all nite to get you alone. Didn't scheme to make it happen, but somehow we knew it would unfold this way. Since we were chillin' at the "Spot". Havin' a few drinks. Listenin' to music. Watchin' you move. Them greens got'ch you lifted and that Bacardi got'ch you loose. Your silhouette teasin' me in the dark… Twitch and I are on one accord. He looks at me. I look at him. We look at you… That thick, sexy body swayin' to the beat. Plan or no plan. Fuck it. Its on… Twitch and Squishmore. Mirror images of each other. Eyes on her. Same fiendish grin. Hands rubbin' together, thinkin' about what they wanna do to her. Similarities end. Different images. He wants to DICK her down. Grab those big hips and slide that ROCK HARD piece 'a wood deep off in her. Grind in that wet pussy…hard and slow. Fuck her senseless. Not her. No dick envy tonight. She wants to TOUCH her. TASTE her. Splash oil all over that body and rub her down from head to toe. Run her fingertips down her back, all over that juicy ass. She wants to get her primed for him…so she can watch him work his magic on her. Then sit back and listen to him make her body siiing. Now we've got her… spread eagle on the bed. Greased up like a Thanksgiving turkey. She's taken my lead. Not afraid to touch me and I love it. Hands all over me. Rubbin my ass. My thighs. Nipples grazin' my back. Leavin' a sweet trail of wet kisses all the way down. AhhhHHH! Shit…she's teasin' me with that tongue. Playin' with my ass. Makin' me so wet. Don't stop baby. Twitchy's just chillin' in the cut. Watchin' us explore one another. LUST in his eyes. Dick hard like rock, standin' at attention…waitin' patiently for somethin' warm…somethin' wet…somethin' tight… to squeeze into. I pull him in. I want that dick in my mouth somethin' fierce. He's ready for me. This is MY dick and he knows it. Loves standin' over me, hands diggin' in my hair while I mark my territory. Grabbin' his ass, takin' him inside my mouth…slooow and deep. I don't have to watch him but I know he's throwin' that head back. Movin' his hips…grindin' in my mouth. But let's not get too excited. This dick is mine whenever I want. I want to watch you fuck her. Wanna hear her singin' like a bird. She wants to taste me first. Mmmm. Its whatever you want baby. I want'ch you on top of me first. Let me hold you. Squeeze you. Kiss you. Our bodies rubbin'…clits touchin. Shiiiiiiit! NOW I want your mouth on me. I guide her head down…slowly. Those soft, sweet lips take my clit in. She's teasin' me. Suckin'. Lickin'. Workin' her tongue. Got me moanin'. Gyratin' my big hips. Pushin' my pussy right in her face, wantin' her to move with me. Find that stroke that makes me cum right in her mouth… Feels sooo good baby. Now its his turn. Time to bring in the King. I want to watch him bring you pleasure. Turns me on so much…watchin' him go to work. You have no idea…what he's about to do to you. So open those big, pretty thighs for him baby…and just relax. She obliges. Twitch doesn't waste any time. I feel her body tense up already. I kiss her softly before she throws her head back, moanin' softly…grabbin' his head. Twitch workin' wonders with that tongue already. I move away…knowing what's about to happen. When he's goin to work on ME, I don't like any distractions. Yes, I move away. Tonight I wanna WATCH. I slip my hand between my thighs…pussy hot and drippin' wet…clit already throbbin'. I pull out my purple buddy and let it do the work. Vibin' on my clit. Teasin' me. I control the sensation. Don't wanna cum. Just wanna drag it out. Teeter on the edge and come back down. Do it over and over again til I can't stand it. My eyes are closed but I can hear her moanin'. Her soft cries make my body tingle all over. I see her grabbin' the sheets already. She's lost…cryin' out in the dark…about to cum. He's got her hollerin' now. Back arched…body stiff…screamin' out… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!! Damn…He's good. Smilin' to myself. I turn off the vibrator. Time for the real thing. Twitchy's head pops up. Face covered in her cum. She had gushed all over him…a puddle of cum in the bed where she lay. She's still moanin', breathin heavy, tryin to get her mind right. You just chill out lil' mama and get'cha shyt together. I know he just fucked you up in the head, so kewl out for a minute. She relaxes and I'm opening my legs, ready for some of my own. Twitchy dives in my pussy. He already knows exactly how to work my body…goin' straight to my spot under the hood of my clit. I'm grindin' on his face. Feels sooo gooooood. But Im feenin' for some penetration. I push him off me. No words. He knows what I want…what I need. He comes in closer, throwin' my legs over his shoulders and slides inside me…a little too hard. SHIIIT!! I know its my dick…but he surprises me every time. How LONG and THICK he is. How HARD he feels. This nicca tryin' to kill me. I push him back a little bit. I'm not ready for the pain yet…warm me up a little bit baby. DAMN. He slides in slowly this time. Not givin' me all he's got. Juggin' in my pussy…makin' me creamy…openin' me up…so I can take him in without tryin to climb the walls. He's doin' good…slow strokin' the way I like it. Drivin' me crazy. But as I get excited, so does he. Now he's no longer thinkin' about holdin' back and he starts pile-drivin' so deep I think he's rearranging my intern

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