Female Director Series

Women around the world continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievements. Although the fight for equality is far from over, there is much to celebrate on this International Women’s day.

YouPorn thought it important to honor the work and achievements of some prominent women in the adult industry this March. The “Female Director Series” highlights this distinct group of creators, as well as their fresh perspectives on pornography. Our goal with this special series is to shed new light on the women who are pushing the boundaries of adult content. Porn for women, made by women. Set to be featured on YouPorn’s homepage throughout the month of March, many themes and questions are explored throughout the series, like what do women want to see in their pornography? How does it differ from the rest? How does gaze shift when women are behind the camera?

Here at YouPorn, we maintain that porn can present women as sexual collaborators with men rather than simply as the sexual conquests of men. Porn that presents sex as something that people do together as equals can embody and promote positive, healthy attitudes about sexuality.

The creation of YouPorn’s “Female Director Series” was a rewarding experience that could not have been completed without the help of dedicated partners including Erica Lust of lustcinema.com, Lily of Yanks.com and CEO Billie Miller, as well as Paulita Peppel, director with Ersties.com.

Check out the (safe for work) trailer video below:

YouPorn Female Director Series from YouPorn on Vimeo.

For more information on the Female Director Series please visit https://youporn.fyi/world/press/ (SFW)

See the full, uncut director interviews here (page has NSFW ads):


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